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The Session is the governing council of a Presbyterian Church (USA). The Session consists of Ruling Elders elected by the congregation to discern the mission and vision of the church, oversee its ministries, care for the members, serve the community, and provide for worship. Elders are elected to serve in classes of 3-year terms. 

The Session of Evergreen

Class of 2024: Elaine Johnson, Les Moreland, Ginger Wilder, Kaye Yearta

Class of 2025: Joseph Hoekenga, Betsy May, Aimee McDonough, Press Sekeres

Class of 2026: Sally Andrews, Lavonda Gosselin, Cliff Jarrett, Elijah Sekers, Jenny Winters

The Pastor Nominating Committee

Kathy Garrett, Neva Martin, Hayne Hollis, Chris Pruitt, Chuck Jackson, Jodie Sekeres, Jim Knighton, Kaye Yearta, Magnus Eck

The Renovation Team

Mary Lou Bradford, Troy Eck, Joseph Hoekenga, Billie Smith, Jean Woodham

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