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Who are Presbyterians?
What do we believe?
How do we behave?
How are we unique?

Presby-terian-ish is a class for everyone curious about what it means to be Presbyterian at Evergreen Church and in the PC(USA). The class meets in the Session Room at 9:30a every Sunday, April 21-May 27. Taught by Pastor James McTyre with special guests, this class is open to all who are new and renewed in the Presbyterian Church.


The class is using The Presbyterian Handbook as a guide. It's available at Amazon in a variety of formats. Click here.

Additional sources: What in the World is a Presbyterian?, by John Judson

The slides for the class can be downloaded by clicking HERE.


Apr 21, 2024

Overview of Presbyterians

  • What do Presbyterians look like?

  • Overview of book

  • Church stuff: 57-60


Apr 28, 2024

Who are Presbyterians – historically? 

  • Presbyterians video from 1973

  • Church stuff: 69-82


May 5, 2024

Who are Presbyterians - in this church?

  • History of Evergreen video

  • Getting to know each other’s faith journey

  • Church stuff: 15-51


May 12, 2024

Who are Presbyterians - in belief?


May 19, 2024

Who are Presbyterians - governmentally

  • Pew statistics

  • How we are governed

  • Presbyterian stuff: 179-189


May 26, 2024

Who are Presbyterians - of the future?

  • What are our goals as a denomination?

  • What are our church goals?

  • Confessing the faith: 191-209

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